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St. John to Bowl for Kids' Sake in March

Bowl for Kids' Sake is fun, easy, and a great way to help get kids matched to a mentor through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program!

St. John in the Wilderness is once again sponsoring a youth team to bowl. If your child or teenager is interested in bowling for kids’ sake, please contact Fr. Ian Williams. The youth team will bowl between 11:00am and 1:00pm. 

Don’t want to bowl, but still want to be involved? Donate to one or more of the three teams below to help our parishioner-led teams reach their fundraising goals.

Want to bowl? Join one of the teams above, or start your own. Here's how:

1. Create a Team: Teams are formed with 4-5 members. Create a team with family, friends, fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, co-workers, just whoever you can round up! Register your team at

2. Raise Money: Each bowler is asked to donate or raise a minimum of $50 in donations. Each team raises $250. All funds raised benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters’s mission of providing ongoing support for children, families, and volunteers to build and sustain long-lasting relationships.

3. Join Us at the Bowling Alley: After you have secured your donations, it's time to have fun! You'll receive two games of bowling with shoe rental included and lunch for your team. Don’t forget your costumes; you don’t want to miss out on your chance to win the costume contest! This year’s theme is Support Your Sport! Here's your opportunity to dress up in your favorite sports gear, team jersey, or sports hero. 

For general questions about the event, reach out to Joey Popp, parishioner and Big Brother.

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