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Tuesday Night History Study Series

"A History of Eastern Europe"

Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm in the Wilderness Room, beginning May 17

Eastern Europe has long been thought of as a marginalized region rife with political upheaval, shifting national borders, an astonishing variety of ethnic diversity, and relative isolation from the centers of power in the West. Yet in recent years, Eastern European nations have begun integrating with Western Europe—joining NATO and the European Union—as the region has gained a new measure of self-determination in the wake of communist collapse. In this series, we will explore the following questions:

  • Who are the diverse ethnic groups that make up the region, and how have they cooperated and clashed?

  • How and why have national borders shifted so frequently?

  • What is the region’s relationship to Western Europe?

  • How has the region been isolated from—and connected with—the West?

About the Tuesday Night History Study Series

This is a seasonal offering that runs between late spring and early fall.  Participants meet in the Wilderness Room for a potluck dinner, followed by a video of an award-winning college professor giving a lecture on the topic chosen for the season. A short Q&A session follows, and the evening usually concludes around 7pm. Some subjects chosen for different seasons have been Winston Churchill, the Civil War, the Lessons of History, Years that Changed History (1215), and the Magna Carta. 


All are welcome! No sign-up necessary. Please contact the Parish Office with any questions. 

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