Upcoming Hike on Tuesday, July 12:
A Walk-Around-the-Lake at Kanuga

Lake Kanuga

St. John Holy Hikers are invited to explore some of the beauties at Kanuga Camp, Conference, and Retreat Center on Tuesday, July 12.  We will begin our walk around the Lake at 10:00am at the dam, proceeding clockwise along the wooded path known as Daisy's Trail, named for a dog who once enjoyed romping that shaded area. Nancy Cooper and staff from Kanuga will lead the way.

We will pass behind the large white cross, which is the visual symbol of Kanuga's campus and mission and onward to the edge of Camp Bob and the organic Education Garden. We will then loop back to the Labyrinth, a place for meditation. Cottages, the gym, and the lakeside chapel are on our route back to the main building where you can browse at the Kanuga Shop (known for drinks, Kanuga clothing, Episcopal logo items).  Restrooms are nearby!

We will then have a full buffet lunch in the Dining Room at NO COST to hikers; however, the kitchen needs an exact head count by July 5, so please REGISTER EARLY if you plan to eat.  (Dogs are not allowed in the dining room, but owners may take their lunch out to a picnic table to join furry friends.)

Come one and all.  The trail is basically level with only a few bumps. Less than 2 miles total.  No special gear needed, just good shoes and your personal water and snacks.

This outing is considered as an introduction, or re introduction, to those not familiar with our nearby Episcopal conference ground. Additional facilities, more strenuous hikes, conferences, camping, bike trails, several chapels and worship opportunities are available for your future use. This is just a beginning.

Directions from the church: Depart church parking lot onto Rutledge Drive.  Proceed 1 mile to the intersection of Erkwood Rd. (Mud Creek Baptist Church is on the corner.)

Turn left onto Erkwood. Proceed to Kanuga Road. (Johnson Family Farm stand is on the corner.)

Turn left onto Kanuga Rd.  Proceed approximately 3 miles to Kanuga Lake Road, which is marked with double signage: a brown & white highway sign which says "Kanuga Conferences" and a larger custom sign which reads "Kanuga Conferences and Kanuga Mountain Bike Park."

Turn right onto Kanuga Lake and proceed 2 miles (passing the entrance to Camp Kanuga on the right).

Soon bear right onto Kanuga Chapel Road at the large stone & wood sign that reads "WELCOME to KANUGA."


Note the lake on your left. Drive past the tennis courts and park in the first lot on the left, near the Inn. Please park at the end of the lot closest to the tennis courts.

The Episcopal Church of St. John in the Wilderness