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Upcoming Hike on Tuesday, April 11:
Rainbow Falls

rainbow falls.png

On April 11, Jim Olson will lead Holy Hikers on the Rainbow Falls Trail located just across the South Carolina border in Jones Gap State Park. This is an “in-and-out” hike that ascends from the Middle Saluda River towards the Blue Ridge Escarpment. It offers vistas of Upstate South Carolina and a waterfall that features alternating layers of granite gneiss and mica schist. The majority of this 4.5 mile hike is rated “moderate” but a few steep climbs are included that are rated “moderately difficult”. Total elevation gain is 1181 feet. Use of walking sticks is recommended.

Jones Gap State Park is named for Solomon Jones, a well known WNC road builder born in 1802. According to local lore, Jones followed his razor-backed sow down to South Carolina by holding onto its tail. He assumed that the pig would take the shortest route. Thus the Jones Gap Toll Road was created. Jones is buried on a peak near Laurel Park which he named Mount Hebron. A Hendersonville ghost story involves a group of children who claimed they saw a ghostly, towering figure with “long, flowing hair”, beating the brush in the area of Mount Hebron and following a large razor-back pig!


Although we cannot guarantee any ghostly sightings, we will enjoy participating in a liturgy and fellowship so please pack water and a lunch. Leashed dogs are allowed on this trail. Plan to meet at 9:30 AM at the Day Hiking Parking Lot. South Carolina charges $6 per person so bring exact cash to place in registration envelopes. 

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