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The Endowment of St. John in the Wilderness

Reflecting God's Love, Today and into the Future

Think about it: In the nearly two hundred years since our beginning as the Baring family chapel, St. John in the Wilderness has withstood wars, economic depressions, cultural upheavals, and even pandemics. By the grace of God, we have not merely endured--we have prospered. Our Parish continues to nourish the souls of members and minister both within our congregation and to the world outside. 

We have endured much. And we need to be sufficiently prepared to endure--and thrive--through whatever the future may bring.

As a community of faith, we are called to meet challenges of all kinds. We must ensure that our financial health remains robust enough not only to carry us through whatever trials may arise, but also to allow our ministries to continue to thrive.

Our Endowment Fund is an important element that supports our Parish's financial needs. It was created in 1986 to receive gifts, large and small, which are then invested to provide perpetual support to the work of our Parish.

Honoring Our History, Securing Our Future

God is timeless, but we are time-bound. Since 1827, St. John in the Wilderness has had a vibrant history of sharing God's love with one another and carrying it into the world...

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Explore Giving

Endowment contributions can be made in any amount, at any time, and by any instrument that works best for you...

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About the
Baring Society


The Baring Society encourages legacy gifts and recognizes parishioners who have made St. John in the Wilderness part of their estate plans...

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How Does Our Endowment Work?

The Endowment plays an important role in maintaining our Parish's financial health. Its purpose is threefold...

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Facts and


Our goal: to create a perpetual flow of income for the ministries of the Parish, while preserving or increasing the Endowment principal...

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How Can I Learn More?

Further information is available from any of the Endowment Trustees. 

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