Young Family Ministry

St. John is dedicated to the nurture and faith formation of persons of all ages. Although we are located in the heart of a wonderfully inviting retirement destination and thus enjoy the gifts of many talented and welcoming mature members, we love young families.


We offer Sunday School for children from infants to graduating high school seniors, and we do not suspend Sunday School in the summers. In addition to a class at the same time as the other Sunday School classes between services from 10:00 to 10:45 each Sunday, our Middle School and High members enjoy several special activities and outreach projects in their Episcopal Youth Community.


A nursery is provided, with qualified staff present, for infants and toddlers to age three. Older children are grouped in separate class as appropriate in accordance with the attendance each Sunday. Our worship services are welcoming to all children, so no separate care is provided for children over three years of age when services are in progress.


You can see The Younger Voice in the monthly newsletter. Download The Voice from the home page to read it.