Giving to St. John

Stewardship is a lifestyle.  It is everything we do after we say, “We believe!”  We are called by God to be good stewards of every aspect of our lives including our time, talent and treasure, our estate (accumulated assets) and the environment.  Here you will find resources to help you in becoming a good steward.

The Stewardship Committee

Frequently Asked Questions about Giving to

St. John in the Wilderness (SJW)

Q:  In what areas does SJW need financial support?

A:  There are three main areas:  operating fund (mission and ministry), capital fund (bricks & mortar/maintenance) and endowment fund (long-term financial stability)


Q:  What does my “annual pledge” support?

A:  Annual pledges support the operating fund for mission and ministry which includes outreach, pastoral care, Christian formation, parish life, facilities, communications, clergy and staff compensation.


Q:  Can I direct how my annual pledge payments are used?

A:  Not for the operating fund.  Pledge payments are used for recurring operating expenses and to meet the annual mission and ministry budget approved by vestry.


Q:    Can I prepay my annual pledge before year end?

A:  Yes, and it will be recorded by the church in the year it was received but will be credited to your account for the new year.  For tax purposes, your receipt will be in the calendar year the payment was made.


Q:  Can I leave money to SJW in my will?

A:  Yes, this is strongly encouraged. It is preferred that such bequests be undesignated allowing Vestry to decide where the funds are most needed.  However, funds may be designated to any of the three areas – operating, capital or endowment.  SJW can also be named beneficiary to accounts such as an IRA or other planned giving instruments.  Talk with your attorney and financial advisor about the best way for you to do this.


Q:  Can I make an annual gift to capital and endowment funds? 

A:  Yes, and you are encouraged to do so.  But these gifts should be in addition to, and not decrease, your annual pledge to operating.  Gifts to these two areas tend to be larger and typically come from accumulated assets such as retirement and investment accounts, whereas annual pledges to operating generally come from more liquid assets such as checking and savings accounts.


Q:  Are there multiple ways to fund my gift(s) to SJW?

A:  Yes.  Annual pledges to operating may be paid one-time, weekly, monthly or quarterly, by check, credit card, bill pay from your bank or from gifts of appreciated stock or any marketable security with a transfer from your brokerage to the church brokerage account.  Payments to all three areas – operating, capital and endowment -- may also come from a donor advised fund (DAF), charitable trust or an IRA if you meet all age and other qualifications.


Q:  Who is the best person(s) to talk to about giving to SJW?

A:  Your attorney, estate planner, and/or financial advisor should be consulted before any major gift is given to determine the best way to do it. Our treasurer and administrative assistant for finance can assist with how to do pre-pays, credit cards, automatic bank drafts, and stock transfers.