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Journey Through Lent

Daily Lenten Reflection Booklet by Clergy, Staff, and Parishioners

Share in the common journey by reading Scriptures, prayers, and reflections each day of Lent in this booklet made just for you. Each day offers a different reflection from a parishioner, clergyperson, or staff member. Contributors were as young as 12 and as wise as 80, including new and longtime church members. You may view an online version, download your own, or stop by the Parish House 24/7 to pick your copy up from outside the office in the portico.


Do You Remember How To Have a Conversation?

Sign up today for our Online Lenten Series

The sad truth of the matter is that we are witnessing our society (including each of us) forget how to have conversations about hard topics or with people with whom we disagree. As Christians, we are called to loving our neighbor, and it's hard to do that unless we listen to them. Sign up for an online Zoom Lenten Series through My Neighbor's Voice to gather for a time of listening and loving conversation with each other. We will meet on Mondays during Lent, and we hope you and your friends and family will join us! Sign up here by Monday, Feb. 15! If you have any trouble signing up, please contact the Church Office at (828) 693-9783 or


Shrove Tuesday: Zoom Pancake Supper

This Tuesday, February 16, is Shrove Tuesday. Join us for a fun time to cook your pancakes and talk about Mardi Gras, Lent, and more from 5:30-6:30pm. Who has those beads ready? You can find the Zoom link here. Contact Leslie at the office if you have questions about logging on.


Ash Wednesday: Online and In-Person

Ash Wednesday is February 17th. It is one of two non-optional fast days in the church calendar (with the other being Good Friday). This year, we will live-stream our Ash Wednesday service for you at 9am on Facebook. We will also upload to YouTube that morning.


Please watch this service with us, and then you are invited to come to the church for a special time of silent prayer. Once you have taken the time you need to pray in a pew, come forward to the altar to receive the Imposition of Ashes and Communion in both kinds. Please help us to preserve the silence by not talking and by leaving your phone in the car. The clergy will be available from 10am-Noon and 2-5pm in the church. If you need us to meet you outside in your car with Ashes and Communion, then please call the office by Tuesday at 3pm and let us know what time you will be coming by (within our window of availability). Contact the office ahead of time if you need to arrange a different time due to your work schedule.


Giving Alms, Remembering the Poor

An ancient practice during Lent is to make a special effort in giving alms. Almsgiving is about meeting the basic needs of people who are struggling to survive. This Lent, please joins us in giving to our Interfaith Assistance Ministry each week by dropping off goods to the Parish Office on Thursdays or bringing them to Church once we resume in-person worship. As you buy or order groceries, buy some things for those who, for whatever reason, cannot buy what they need for themselves. Please buy what is on this list from Interfaith's website. And remember to include your children in your prayer, your formation, and your giving!


Lent Madness: Who Will Win the Golden Halo?

Lent isn't all sackcloth and ashes! Join us and the Church worldwide for Lent Madness where Florence Nightingale and Theresa of Avila battle it out in holiness! Lent Madness is a special offering by Forward Movement that creates an NCAA March Madness style bracket where saints compete head to head daily to win a Golden Halo based on our votes. Sign up for the daily email (look on the right side for "Get Lent Madness by Email.") Click around on the website to look at the bracket, fun videos, and more!


Tell Us About Your Lenten Journey

Take a moment to fill out this form to tell us about your plans for Lent and to check-in in faith. This will help build Christian community and accountability as we journey through the wilderness together.


Come and be a part of the observance of a holy Lent here at

St John in the Wilderness.

Bible Study

Men's and Women's Bible Study continue during the pandemic.

Women's Bible Study is held via Zoom on Tuesdays at 3:30 p.m. led by Deacon (ret.) Joyce Beschta. If you are interested in attending, please contact the Parish Office at (828) 693-9783 or

Men's Bible Study is held via Zoom on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. led by Dr. E.R. Haire, Jr. If you are interested in attending, please contact the Parish Office at (828) 693-9783 or

Young Family Ministry

St. John is dedicated to the nurture and faith formation of persons of all ages. Although we are located in the heart of a wonderfully inviting retirement destination and thus enjoy the gifts of many talented and welcoming mature members, we love young families.


We offer Sunday School for children from infants to graduating high school seniors, and we do not suspend Sunday School in the summers. In addition to a class at the same time as the other Sunday School classes between services from 10:00 to 10:45 each Sunday, our Middle School and High members enjoy several special activities and outreach projects in their Episcopal Youth Community.


A nursery is provided, with qualified staff present, for infants and toddlers to age three. Older children are grouped in separate class as appropriate in accordance with the attendance each Sunday. Our worship services are welcoming to all children, so no separate care is provided for children over three years of age when services are in progress.


You can see The Younger Voice in the monthly newsletter. Download The Voice from the home page to read it.

EYC - Episcopal Youth Community

St. John has a very active EYC for 6th through 12th graders. Our Sunday School class is informal, with pillows for floor-sitting in a room we painted ourselves with flowers, stars, scriptures, and graffiti. We've watched videos such as The Nativity and Jesus Christ Superstar, begun a timeline of Christian history, and even used SpongeBob to illustrate the Seven Deadly Sins.

In addition to Sunday School, we meet monthly for activities that include outreach, just-for-fun, and everything in between. Annual events include a picnic and swim in Pisgah Forest, participating in Relay for Life to benefit cancer research, and Christmas shopping for local needy children. We also join in larger parish events, such as helping the Men's Club cook and serve breakfast and assisting the Outreach Committee with their 2017 Empty Bowls meal. On occasion the middle schoolers and high schoolers separate, especially for overnight events, but more often we combine the groups.


All that’s missing is you! Please join us!

Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday school discussions are held between services at 10 a.m. in the Parish Hall library. Subjects for discussion and learning vary during the church year, and a variety of leaders will be presenting.

Come join us at on Sunday mornings. There are lots of miracles left to talk about!

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